Pugilist – Dimensions Mix 237

There’s really only one downside to this beautiful DJ mix by Pugilist: It calls for a big, gnarly sound system in a club or, even better, on a nocturnal festival dancefloor – and those remain few and little. Techno and Breaks throbbing along a metaphysical backbone of Bass music. Dimensions Festival · DIM237 – Pugilist

Calibre – RA.765

“Invent yourself and then reinvent yourself“. As beautiful and inspiring as this line from good, old Charles Bukowski might be, only very few musicians manage to successfully do so. The great majority of bands and producers invent themselves, with varying degrees of originality, but then fail to reinvent themselves, instead swimming in the same slough…

FWD144 – KiloWatts Live Set

Halfway through this 2-hour live set you might well start wondering if all these tunes were really produced by only one person, and one person alone. Transitioning effortlessly from ambientesque soundscapes to mellow Downtempo grooves and trippy Breaks, from glitchy rhythms to dope beats, leading us through deeply psychedelic patches just to soar up into…

Roberdo Raval / 11-2020

Ambient House, Breaks, Acid, Tech. Uplifting, mellow, ecstatic, inebriating, hallucinogenic. Bright and sunny at the beginning, turning rather dark and nocturnal towards the end. It’s been a while since I recorded a DJ mix, and even longer since it had a notable amount of four-to-the floor tracks in it. Go here to download the file,…

Addison Groove – Ilian Tape Podcast 049

A brand new Addision Groove DJ mix. Spells out to: We’re in for almost 2 hours of bass-heavy goodness from one of Bristol’s finest. “It’s a bit of an epic one for these epic times we are living in”, he says in the complimentary interview over at Ilian Tape.

Self-Portrait: Adam Pits

Good things are oozing out of the gaps between House, Electro, Bass, Breaks and… Trance. Intriguingly psychedelic things, that is. Read all about it here and embark on the journey by pressing the play button below.

Gourski & Appel – Docks

Gotta love industrial sounds in modern dance music. Gourski & Appel take an old idea to the next level and present a 7-minute track made exclusively from sounds sampled in a dock setting. The result is intriguingly catchy, and the music video that comes with it intriguingly hypnotic.

Objekt – RA 650

“I recorded a mix for Resident Advisor stringing together an hour of danceable club tracks without any kick drums. I’ve been playing a lot of this stuff in my sets over the last few years and have been meaning to record a mix like this for a while.” Quite an exciting approach. Even more so…

Hodge – FACT Mix 526

Speaking loosely, Hodge’s music fits into that middle-ground between Dubstep’s weight and Techno’s fluidity that Bristol producers have a knack for doing so well. That’s what FACT mag says about its latest mix, and that’s a very accurate description of what you get to hear. Raw, bass-heavy and wonderfully tripped-out, yet with an uplifting twist.…

Alex Banks – June 2015 Mix

To put it plain and simple, this is an absolutely stunning mix. Deep, melodic, full of changes in rhythm and texture, and last but not least extremely danceable: Alex Banks ticks all the boxes of what I consider to be good dance music, as a producer and as a DJ.

Grouch – Live at Boom Festival 2014

For me, this was the musical highlight at Boom Festival‘s Chill Out Gardens this year: Grouch. His dance floor stuff is excellent, but this incredibly deep and dope take on Glitch Hop and Dub music took me by surprise. Seismic bass lines, trippy samples, ethnic sounds, even cokehead Charlie Sheen… it’s all in here, merged…

Phaeleh – DJ Mix For Albion Collective

Albion Collective just published an interview with Phaeleh, plus an exclusive DJ mix by the Bristolian master of ultra-mellow Bass Music. It’s deep, it’s uplifting, it’s highly melodic, it’s full of seismic bass lines, it’s packed with dubs and unreleased tracks… it’s everything that makes Phaeleh a truly outstanding figure.

Phaeleh – A World Without

Ultra mellow, ultra harmonious, ultra phat: Phaeleh keeps up his signature style and presents the title track of his forthcoming A World Without EP, to be released on Red Eye Records. Classic 2-Step and Dubstep rhythms meet melodic arrangements as sweet as sugar, sometimes touching but never crossing the border to the realm of kitsch.

Fabel – The SlowCooker Sessions Vol. 2

Fábel delivers his second SlowCooker Session and again it ticks all the boxes for a really good DJ mix. Compared to the first part this one is somewhat heavier on the beats, the vibe feels more stimulating, towards the end the groove could clearly be described as danceable. However, just like SlowCooker Session Vol.1 it…