Rivet – RA.410 Podcast

Resident Advisor keeps the good shit coming. This time in form of a magnificent podcast by Rivet, a name that’s stuck in my mind ever since I looked up his title Inside Looking Out in the track list of some DJ set. In his great little interview for RA the artist remarks:

In the second half of the ’90s […] Techno DJing was mainly about mixing. Even if you had the records at home, it was totally different hearing them played by someone else. […] DJing today is generally about making smooth transitions between more or less full-length tracks while keeping the mood/style linear and flowing. The goal is perfection, at the price of individuality. I try to keep the craft and attitude alive, and that’s what I want to show with this mix.

Honest Techno sound it is, with a wonderfully raw, excessive and heady twist. Big ups, Rivet!


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