Max Cooper – 3D Reworks 001

“Headphones on (it only works with headphones), eyes close, and you’ll be somewhere entirely different!” A truly great electronic music producers of our time goes 3D. The sound of Max Cooper has been pushing boundaries for quite some time already, his albums and live mixes are highly immersive listening experiences. Now he takes us one step further:

“This sort of binaural work is already in almost all of my other releases, but it’s the first time I’ve tried to put every element into that format, because for now, I’m not thinking about making music for live venue spaces. Extreme binaural like this doesn’t sound good in live spaces, it only works with headphones where we can get an isolated left and right signal, and with some specialist sound systems designed to cancel out the sound reaching the ears from the wrong speaker.”

3D Reworks 001 is available on Bandcamp for free download / pay what you want for 1 week – there you can also read more about the technological details of this project. Make sure to wear headphones!

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