FWD144 – KiloWatts Live Set

Halfway through this 2-hour live set you might well start wondering if all these tunes were really produced by only one person, and one person alone. Transitioning effortlessly from ambientesque soundscapes to mellow Downtempo grooves and trippy Breaks, from glitchy rhythms to dope beats, leading us through deeply psychedelic patches just to soar up into the heights of uplifting funk, the musical bandwidth is simply stunning. Especially because all the original tunes in this selection, many of which are unreleased, keep up a very solid level of musicality and production quality. The man responsible for this aural splendor is North American producer James Watts aka KiloWatts – not to be confused with the also very talented English Bass music and Techno producer Killawatt, or the Psytrance duo named Killerwatts.