The Viking Voyage Continues

I embarked on another Viking Voyage and spent three weeks with the tidal fragrance of the reefs in my nose, the call of the seabirds in my ears and the unique light of the high latitudes in my eyes. A few snapshots of this journey have been added to The Viking Voyage gallery.

The Viking Voyage

No risk of anyone talking before the first coffee takes hold. Always the risk of a cold rain setting in just when the campfire is finally doing its thing. Dramatic mountain slopes rising from cold salt water. Remote waves shared with friendly sea- and land-dwelling mammals. Solar winds in the arctic night. The golden light…

Land Of The Rising Sun

Land of huge temples, giant palaces and even bigger skyscrapers. Land of endless cities. Land of intriguingly organic gardening, using the splendid foliage like colors on a canvas. Land of fantastic food. Land of consumerist tech junkies with manners and style. Land of ridiculously fast trains departing on time to the second. Land of the…


Lush green mountains and the deep blue of the ocean. Cold nights and hot springs. Big waves and flat spells. One day and four seasons.  


Where the fragrance of gumtrees and pines blends into the salty chill of the Atlantic ocean, where food and wine are just as diverse and vibrant as the regions they represent.  

Galapagos Islands

Big fish, asthmatic sea lions, funky birds, and primates poking selfie sticks into reptile’s faces: Snapshots from a journey to the Enchanted Islands.


Beautiful people, scenic views, delicious food and the urban buzz of the big city: Missing the ocean, but inland Colombia is just too good to run away and rejoin the surf circus.

Fall In Germany

As days are getting shorter and shorter and temperatures drop below a comfortable level, nature in Germany turns into an explosion of colours.  

Central America

Outstanding surf, breathtaking dive sites, great company, and consistently shit music at parties: Beating around in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Late Summer Day In The Black Forest

A late summer day in the Black Forest, South Germany. Surrounded by the peaceful beauty of the landscape it’s amazing to see that the shapes and colours of mushrooms are just as surreal as corals, and that a walk through the woods can be just as amazing as a dive in the ocean.

New Zealand

And after the next turn of the road… it got even better. Random photos from my recent trip to the south island of New Zealand, one of the most mind-blowing places I have seen.

Coober Pedy And The Australian Desert

The vast sky fades from the darkest to the lightest shades of blue, speckled by some puffy white clouds. The pale green of grass and the lush green of some scattered shrubs contrast with the entire spectrum of orange and red. Yellow and purple rock faces merge into brown slopes. Salt licks glisten in the…

Melbourne – The Cultural Hub of Australia

Obscure backyard bars. Rusty freight containers cut open, furnished with bulky waste, a state-of-the-art coffee maker and a display full of organic cakes. Amazing graffiti, sculptures, and street art everywhere. Victorian architecture and weird stuff. Melbourne is the cultural hub of Australia.  

Kuala Lumpur

Where the jungle meets the concrete. Where the Orient meets the Occident. Where urban buzz meets nature’s peace. Photographic impressions from Kuala Lumpur, a fascinating melting pot of cultures, colors and vibes.


Eating spicy food with the bare right hand only, getting barrelled in tropical tides… gotta love Indonesia!


Land of olive trees, land of spotless blue skies, land of siestas, land of dried pig legs: Andalusia in the South of Spain will always have a special place in my heart.

Urban Grace

With its mix of mountains and sea, of history and modern culture, and last but not least with those organic structures designed by the arguably greatest architect of the 20th century, Barcelona is a precious gem of a European metropolis.