Adam Pits – HAWSMIX036

Long gone are the days when terms like psychedelic or trance were reserved for the junkie space pirates inhabiting the subculture with this very name, and when these terms were used by outsiders with a somewhat derogatory connotation. While major Psytrance festivals have turned into a neo-spiritual version of EDM events, urban hippsters and other cool cats are re-discovering the pleasures of melodic uplift and ecstatic acidity. Looks like we’ve come to another full circle. This mix is clearly reminiscent of that era when Techno, House and Trance were still bubbling in the same primeval soup. Or, rather: Those eras, as this was obviously not a singular moment in music history. Needless to say, it’s a delicous affair. Even more so because it is spiced up with a healthy dose of broken beats. Psyche-licious, as the junkie space pirates would say. Adam Pits is putting out an almost inflationary number of great mixes and fresh productions at the moment – it will be exciting to see where the journey of this young fellow leads to.