The Motion Orchestra – All One

Speaking of Keno the other day… this North German producer is truly prolific at the moment. Last weekend he dropped the breezy summer vibes of a surprise new Renegades of Jazz single, plus the result of a long-running project he’s specially fond of: The debut album of The Motion Orchestra.

Drawing it’s rich musicality from David Hanke’s versatile skills as an arranger and producer, but even more so from a variety of collaborating artists and their instruments, All One has a distinctly cinematic feel to it. There’s the symphonic flow of string instruments, there’s intense neoclassical vibes, there’s dreamy hints of jazz, and every now and then you find yourself nodding along to a subtle undertow of dopeness. Wonderful music that is deep and complex enough to deserve a proper listen on a proper soundsystem, but that also works beautifully for any chilled-out social scenario.

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