Ishmael Ensemble – Sunday Mix

Folk, jazz, moody experimental electronica, seismic bass tunes, spoken word poetry and electric guitars, a lot of it from that near-mythical center of musical goodness, Bristol – like the talented Pete Cunningham of Ishmael Ensemble himself. For more words, as well as the track list head over to Crack Magazine.

Djrum – Trax 454

One hour, 39 tracks from 4 decades, all sorts of old, new and forthcoming Bass music, ambientesque Electronica from 1979, recent takes on Jazz, Hip Hop, deeply dissociative soundscapes and hallucinogenic beat reconstructions: Threading subtle patterns of dreamy ease and intricate musicality into the thick fabric of hard and banging rhythms, Djrum kicks off 2022…

Headhunter Interview

If the words Bristol and Dubstep make your eyes all shiny, then the name Headhunter will most probably have just the same effect. These days better known under his Addison Groove moniker the English producer is the epitome of deep, heady Dubstep from the golden age of the genre. In this radio show on…

Everybody In The Place

Warehouse parties, Chicago in the mid 1980s, Kraftwerk, soundsystem culture, the miners’ strike, new age travelers, spiral tribe, Castlemorton, Shelley’s Laserdome, no judgement, whatever clothing style, alone or accompanied, no stupid phones, and what all this had to do with the British society of the mid 80s to early 90s. Also, the reactions of teenagers…

Facta & K-LONE – Azure Ultra

Fantastic mix, wonderfully quirky cover art and just the right words by Mixtape Club and the artists themselves: Across 22 tracks of nearly meditative house and techno, Facta & K-LONE inject some unmistakeable Bristol pressure and swing into the Ibiza chill-out mix format – perfectly paced dance music for a hot summer’s day. In their…

Pugilist – Dimensions Mix 237

There’s really only one downside to this beautiful DJ mix by Pugilist: It calls for a big, gnarly sound system in a club or, even better, on a nocturnal festival dancefloor – and those remain few and little. Techno and Breaks throbbing along a metaphysical backbone of Bass music. Dimensions Festival · DIM237 – Pugilist

Addison Groove – Ilian Tape Podcast 049

A brand new Addision Groove DJ mix. Spells out to: We’re in for almost 2 hours of bass-heavy goodness from one of Bristol’s finest. “It’s a bit of an epic one for these epic times we are living in”, he says in the complimentary interview over at Ilian Tape.

Self-Portrait: Adam Pits

Good things are oozing out of the gaps between House, Electro, Bass, Breaks and… Trance. Intriguingly psychedelic things, that is. Read all about it here and embark on the journey by pressing the play button below.

Phaeleh – A World Without

Ultra mellow, ultra harmonious, ultra phat: Phaeleh keeps up his signature style and presents the title track of his forthcoming A World Without EP, to be released on Red Eye Records. Classic 2-Step and Dubstep rhythms meet melodic arrangements as sweet as sugar, sometimes touching but never crossing the border to the realm of kitsch.

Rivet – RA.410 Podcast

Resident Advisor keeps the good shit coming. This time in form of a magnificent podcast by Rivet, a name that’s stuck in my mind ever since I looked up his title Inside Looking Out in the track list of some DJ set. In his great little interview for RA the artist remarks: In the second…

Pinch – Cold Mix II

I received the download link for this mix with the latest newsletter of Cold Recordings and saved it straight to my outstanding electronics folder – the place where it belongs, as Pinch never fails to deliver the goods. Raw beats, a great variety of straight and broken rhythms, and deeply hallucinogenic sounds and atmospheres… That’s…