Creaksbox is a music player for an interacitve, ever-changing, infinite soundtrack created by Hidden Orchestra and artist / developer Jan Chlup. The app is different to a normal album in that the album will never sound exactly the same twice. It has no fixed duration. The music can be heard as it is in the…

Ennio Morricone – Mixed By James Balmont

Last Moday Ennio Morricone, arguably the greatest film music composer of the modern era, died age 91. In honour of his vast body of work and peerless skill for evocation, musician and writer James Balmont compiled a small selection of his catalogue in this mix. Via Crack Magazine.

Rob Simonsen – Rêveries (Short Film)

Visual trip and aural journey: Rob Simonsen’s short film Rêveries comes with great landscape shots, an abstract-but-not-too-abstract narrative and a fantastic soundtrack. Well worth spending 12 minutes of your lifetime. Low lights, big screen and good soundsystem are highly recommended.