The Viking Voyage

No risk of anyone talking before the first coffee takes hold. Always the risk of a cold rain setting in just when the campfire is finally doing its thing. Dramatic mountain slopes rising from cold salt water. Remote waves shared with friendly sea- and land-dwelling mammals. Solar winds in the arctic night. The golden light…

Subway Doodles

Instead of reading the newspaper, sleeping or staring into the screen of a smart phone, Ben Rubin started drawing his fellow New Yorkers doing these things in the subway – and added some imaginery monsters.

Romanesco, Brain Cactus & Co.

The symmetrical awesomeness of nature, captured in a collection of 8 plant pictures.   Crassula Buddha’s Temple     Alstroemeria Pelegrina     Brain Cactus     Aloe Polyphylla     Drosophyllum Lusitanicum     Dahlia     Romanesco     Red Cabbage