Italian graffiti artist Peeta plays some damn good tricks on our spatial perception. All pictures © Peeta.      

ViewOne Murals

  Some pretty mind-blowing murals by Swiss graffiti / character artist ViewOne and his mates.                                                


Pushing the limits of traditional graffiti culture, Does stands for mighty explosions of colours and shapes. The murals and paintings of the former professional soccer player transport a  compelling feeling of fluent dynamics. All pictures © Ironlak.    

Sofles – Limitless

Sick video of a fairly monumental graffiti project: Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench teamed up to turn the walls of an abandoned warehouse into a splendid gallery of urban art.

Graffiti legend OZ died doing what he loved

Yesterday the German graffiti legend OZ died at the age of 64. Apparently the artist, who supposedly sprayed his tag more than 120.000 times only in Hamburg, got hit by a metro train while doing what loved most. What a wonderful exit.


Whirling tornadoes of colors, blast-frozen dynamics, captured with surreal precision: Meet MADE514, graffiti and illustration artist from Padua, Italy.

Herr von Bias – Berlin Lichtenberg Graffitis 2014

I’m not exactly the biggest Berlin fan – however, I have to admit that there is plenty of cool stuff to discover in this city. Like when I walked around in the Lichtenberg district with a good friend one day, and all of a sudden we found ourselves standing in front of an absolutely mind-blowing…