Astroboter – Form & Void Mix

It’s been real quiet around German producer Astroboter. So quiet actually that one might have thought he drifted into oblivion. However, now he’s back – and he didn’t lose his touch. This excellent mix is an appetizer for his forthcoming album Form & Void, to be released on 19th January 2018. And if it is…

Phaeleh – The Monday Is Okay Mix

The grand master of so-sweet-and-melodic-it’s-almost-kitsch-but-it’s-not Bass Music presents a beautiful mix of deep Ambient and Downbeat tunes for Ransom Note. „I’ve done chilled and ambient mixes in the past which covered my influences over the years, whereas this mix features a lot more recent material of mine and stuff I’d get on promo that I…

Nicola Cruz – Lexdray City Series #065

To initiate this musical journey Nicola Cruz, one of the protagonists of the thriving Ecuadoran dance music scene, drops some Acid. He then takes us on a trip through the tropical pastures of House, Disco and Funk. A mix very different from his magnificient Prender El Alma album on ZZK Records, obviously paying tribute to his…

Dolph – Deep Afterhour No. 218

Dolph mixes his way through an impressive bandwidth of genres, from Downbeat Electronica to Trip Hop to Nu LatAm grooves to mellow Deep House, and back to some Dope Beats and singer / songwriter tunes. Strictly quality stuff with a dreamy, melodic vibe. Full credit.  

El Búho – Metrón Musik Mixtape 005

A steady flow of laid-back 4-4 beats leads through the main part of this new mix by El Búho, lending it a feeling of mellow dancability. There’s a lot of Latin American sounds in here, but there’s also a fair bit of World Music from other parts of this planet.