Wanderwelle – MNMT 182

Dutch duo Wanderwelle is responsible for some rather exciting music at the moment, both in the fields of Ambient and Dub Techno. Their recent DJ mix for Monument takes us on a smooth ride through electronic genres and tempi.   

Alex Banks – Groove Podcast 47

Fat square basses, tripped out delays, enigmatic build-ups, rich beat textures, dreamy melodies: Alex Banks delivers the goods. As he remarks quite appropriately in his interview with Groove magazine, this meticulously crafted studio mix is rather “[…] a sonic collage than a DJ mix and includes a lot of detail that would get lost in…

Jonas Saalbach

Once again there’s been loads of great music at last weekend’s 3000° Festival, this one being my favourite from the umtsa-umtsa side of things: German producer Jonas Saalbach delivered a deeply hypnotic live set that could be labelled as Melodic Techno or Neo Trance.