Lost Track New Zealand

A film about motorbikes and surfboards, about snow covered mountain peaks and cold ocean water, about the ups and downs of a genuine road trip. Also about doods. Great footage, superb soundtrack and a beautiful takeaway message at the end: “Make the most of everything you have, be present, and don’t take life too seriously.“

The Bomb

The Bomb is a compelling audio-visual experience that opens a dark perspective on some of humanity’s highest technological achievements. Original soundtrack by The Acid. Available on Netflix.

Minilogue – As Human As Possible

Ableton sponsored a beautiful little documentation about Minilogue, one of my favourite electronic music projects ever. The two guys tell about their workflow, what inspires them, and how they manage to get that huge load of feeling into their music. At the end of the video you will find two links, leading to a 23-minute…

Generation Like

An interesting documentary about a generation that is addicted to fame: Generation Like. Douglas Rushkoff gives insights in how social media became a substantial part of self-satisfaction, how smugness fuels consumerism, how the currency of ‘likes’ turns into actual currency, and how the consumer becomes its own marketer. Generation Like is available on Frontline.  …