The Oddness – Live at Ranch-o-Relaxo

While the Psytrance scene seems to be stuck in an endless loop of the same artists playing the same sound for many years already, other electronic music genres are getting deeper, more ethereal and even psychedelic in very fresh and innovative ways. What happens at the Ranch-o-Relaxo gatherings in Australia is a perfect example for…

Rampue @ Isla Sonido 2016

Rampue fires at only around 110 beats per minute, but what he creates is perfidiously energetic and driving – it really feels much faster once you get into the groove. Slow-motion House rhythms provide the bass-heavy backbone for etheral chants and ethnic instrumentations from all around the world.

Hodge – FACT Mix 526

Speaking loosely, Hodge’s music fits into that middle-ground between Dubstep’s weight and Techno’s fluidity that Bristol producers have a knack for doing so well. That’s what FACT mag says about its latest mix, and that’s a very accurate description of what you get to hear. Raw, bass-heavy and wonderfully tripped-out, yet with an uplifting twist.…

Den Sorte Skole – Indians & Cowboys

The Danish sampling maniacs known as Den Sorte Skole dropped their new album today. Reflecting the unique production approach of the duo, Indians & Cowboys is a skilful collage of rhythms and sounds from a multitude of countries, music genres and eras. Some tracks are surprisingly heavy on the beats, others float along with barely…

Pinch – XLR8R Podcast 409

Pinch’s new DJ mix for XLR8R is nothing for the faint-hearted. The head honcho of Tectonic and Cold Recordings delivers a fairly abstract collage of rhythm and sound that has a raw, delirious, industrial vibe to it, and that seems to be made for a big sound system. U.K. Bass driven sound at it’s best!

Alex Banks – June 2015 Mix

To put it plain and simple, this is an absolutely stunning mix. Deep, melodic, full of changes in rhythm and texture, and last but not least extremely danceable: Alex Banks ticks all the boxes of what I consider to be good dance music, as a producer and as a DJ.

Dolph – Schatzkiste #36

Dolph is one of the great artists I discovered through my work with Acker Records / 3000°. This amazing freestyle mix is a true Schatzkiste, a treasure chest, full of musical gems. The Berlin based artist starts with almost half an hour of pure dopeness before he drops the first 4/4 kickdrum. The musical journey…

El Búho – 13 Mooncycle Mix

Inspired by the cycle of the moon INI Movement has just launched a new series. The idea is to celebrate each full moon with an exclusive DJ mix – and they kick off with a really amazing one. For the first instalment, we asked a friend of the movement, the serial ethnomusicologist, El Búho, to…

Fabel – The SlowCooker Sessions Vol. 2

Fábel delivers his second SlowCooker Session and again it ticks all the boxes for a really good DJ mix. Compared to the first part this one is somewhat heavier on the beats, the vibe feels more stimulating, towards the end the groove could clearly be described as danceable. However, just like SlowCooker Session Vol.1 it…

Fábel – SlowCooker Sessions

Multi-insturmentalist Fábel delivers a wonderfully smooth blend of deep and dope tunes, including quite some tracks and edits by the Spanish producer himself. Shifting between Trip Hop, Downbeat, Electronica and Instrumental Hip Hop, there’s an extremely mellow and jazzy vibe to this mix.