Calibre – RA.765

“Invent yourself and then reinvent yourself“. As beautiful and inspiring as this line from good, old Charles Bukowski might be, only very few musicians manage to successfully do so. The great majority of bands and producers invent themselves, with varying degrees of originality, but then fail to reinvent themselves, instead swimming in the same slough…

Trashbat – Fokus X Prolific Mix 2015

Deep, dope, and dubby: That’s how I like Bass Music, and that’s what Trashbat delivers with this DJ Mix. It’s a jazzy blend of classic Dubstep grooves and modern sound structures, playfully involving elements from different genres such as Instrumental Hip Hop or Grime.

Submotion Orchestra: Slumber Session

An extremely mellow DJ mix from one of my favourite producers: Ruckspin. Representing the Submotion Orchestra, his 7-person Post-Dubstep / Freestyle Jazz / Ambient ensemble, he delivers a one-hour musical journey through different genres from the laid-back side of things: I tried to fit a variety of moods into this mix; from the simple-but-effective songs…

Phaeleh – DJ Mix For Albion Collective

Albion Collective just published an interview with Phaeleh, plus an exclusive DJ mix by the Bristolian master of ultra-mellow Bass Music. It’s deep, it’s uplifting, it’s highly melodic, it’s full of seismic bass lines, it’s packed with dubs and unreleased tracks… it’s everything that makes Phaeleh a truly outstanding figure.

Phaeleh – A World Without

Ultra mellow, ultra harmonious, ultra phat: Phaeleh keeps up his signature style and presents the title track of his forthcoming A World Without EP, to be released on Red Eye Records. Classic 2-Step and Dubstep rhythms meet melodic arrangements as sweet as sugar, sometimes touching but never crossing the border to the realm of kitsch.

El Remolon – Selva Mixtape

El Remolon delivers the goods. Which is to say: A double strike. First, the Digital Cumbia pioneer drops his fifth album, named Selva. The Argentinian artist delivers his signature mix of traditional Cumbia rhythms, South American folklore, heavyweight bass lines, wobbly quotes from Dubstep, sharp Electro riffs and a fair bit of freestyle Electronica. The…