Orbit & Belogurov XLR8R Mix 2019-02

“All manner of dub, flowing from the oceanic stylings of the opening cut to the mid-way point’s deep atmospheres and the closing cut’s floating pads—all of which are underpinned by deep low-slung grooves.” Via XLR8R.

Alex Banks – Groove Podcast 47

Fat square basses, tripped out delays, enigmatic build-ups, rich beat textures, dreamy melodies: Alex Banks delivers the goods. As he remarks quite appropriately in his interview with Groove magazine, this meticulously crafted studio mix is rather “[…] a sonic collage than a DJ mix and includes a lot of detail that would get lost in…

Kabanjak – Out Of The Dark

Out Of The Dark: After it has been somewhat quiet around Kabanjak during recent years, the producer is back on track and delivers a new album. Heavyweight beats and bass lines make the 8 tracks as dope as it can be, live drums add a very vivid and dynamic vibe. However, what makes the music…

El Búho – Casi Baile Mixtape 2015

El Búho presents a new mixtape for Casi Baile. Reflecting the signature style of the Dutch producer, it’s a deep and dreamy blend of traditional Latin American rhythms and modern beat structures, tropical vibes and jungle sounds, including many unreleased tracks.

Sebastian Mullaert @ Elements Fokouka, Japan

When it comes to deep, hypnotic Techno music for modern trance dance rituals – this is it. Last weekend I had the pleasure to experience a DJ set of Sebastian Mullaert, and I can’t find enough superlatives to describe the magnificence of this experience. Intelligent, jazzy, psychedelic in the most sublime sense of this word……

Lower Spectrum – Triple J Soundlab Mix

Lower Spectrum is one of the great musical discoveries I made during my time in Australia. Why? Well, listen to this beautiful mix the producer from Melbourne recorded for the radio station Triple J, get into the vibe of the music that influenced him, and finally hear his wonderful track Khlever at the very end.…

Mixed by Frikstailers

South American folklore on fluorescent steroids: Meet the Frikstailers. As a core member of the ZZK Records family the duo stands for the blooming and booming Nu LatAm sound. This mixtape is  journey from traditional Cumbia rhythms and deep tropical grooves to Trap and Bass Music infused dance floor bangers, including tracks from Chancha Via…

Sebastian Mullaert – WYS Mix 2014

The latest DJ mix by Sebastian Mullaert is utterly unsurprising. Shortly after declaring the split with his Minilogue companion the Swedish producer delivers exactly what I expected him to do: A deeply hallucinogenic melange of hypnotic beats, subliminal harmonies, heady noise cascades and shifting sound structures. I like where this is going.

Colonna – Ode To The Moon

Give us this day our daily dopeness: Colonna released the counterpart for his great Ode To The Sun album from 2012, titled Ode To The Moon. It’s actually more of an extension than a counterpart, as this work provides another dose of excellent Dope Beats. Incredibly enough, it’s available for free download.

Gelka – Coloured Thoughts Mixtape

The Gelka guys haven’t lost their touch and deliver another superb mixtape: Coloured Thoughts is a smooth blend of Dope Beats, Bass Music, Trip Hop, Deep House and even more genres, including the music of artists like Phaeleh, Bonobo, Synkro and  DFRNT, as well as some tracks from the Hungarian duo itself.

Mollono.Bass – Beatfreak Mix 2014

I’ve been listening to this mix for a while now, and I’m still stoked about it. Mollono.Bass, head honcho of Acker Records and founding member of Kombinat100, presents a rousing take on big room House music. One moment it’s all about the massive bass line of a tool, then it takes off to lofty melodies,…