Wanderwelle – MNMT 182

Dutch duo Wanderwelle is responsible for some rather exciting music at the moment, both in the fields of Ambient and Dub Techno. Their recent DJ mix for Monument takes us on a smooth ride through electronic genres and tempi.   

The Oddness – Live at Ranch-o-Relaxo

While the Psytrance scene seems to be stuck in an endless loop of the same artists playing the same sound for many years already, other electronic music genres are getting deeper, more ethereal and even psychedelic in very fresh and innovative ways. What happens at the Ranch-o-Relaxo gatherings in Australia is a perfect example for…

Yagya – Auditory 05

Fact described Yagya as “one of Techno’s best-kept secrets” some years ago. Here the Icelandic producer takes us on a melodic journey from beatless Ambient to Downbeat to Dub Techno and back. 

Kabanjak – The Dooza Tapes Vol. 1

Kabanjak is back with bang. Today the German beatmaker dropped The Dooza Tapes Vol. 1, and they are oozing with his signature dopeness. The bass lines are so fat and heavy that they might ask you to book two contigious seats if you wanna listen to this album on the airplane. Dynamic live drums, Trap-ish…

Phaeleh – The Monday Is Okay Mix

The grand master of so-sweet-and-melodic-it’s-almost-kitsch-but-it’s-not Bass Music presents a beautiful mix of deep Ambient and Downbeat tunes for Ransom Note. „I’ve done chilled and ambient mixes in the past which covered my influences over the years, whereas this mix features a lot more recent material of mine and stuff I’d get on promo that I…

El Búho – Metrón Musik Mixtape 005

A steady flow of laid-back 4-4 beats leads through the main part of this new mix by El Búho, lending it a feeling of mellow dancability. There’s a lot of Latin American sounds in here, but there’s also a fair bit of World Music from other parts of this planet.

Griff – Live At Shambhala Music Festival 2015

Seventy-seven minutes of bass-heavy awesomeness, delivered by Griff, my favourite artist from the thriving Australian Glitch Hop scene. The warm and organic sound that is so typical for the Melbourne based artist has a very human, almost hand-played vibe to it. Also I love how it is deeply psychedelic in the most progressive, most forward-thinking…

Dolph – Schatzkiste #36

Dolph is one of the great artists I discovered through my work with Acker Records / 3000°. This amazing freestyle mix is a true Schatzkiste, a treasure chest, full of musical gems. The Berlin based artist starts with almost half an hour of pure dopeness before he drops the first 4/4 kickdrum. The musical journey…

Fabel – The SlowCooker Sessions Vol. 2

Fábel delivers his second SlowCooker Session and again it ticks all the boxes for a really good DJ mix. Compared to the first part this one is somewhat heavier on the beats, the vibe feels more stimulating, towards the end the groove could clearly be described as danceable. However, just like SlowCooker Session Vol.1 it…

Fábel – SlowCooker Sessions

Multi-insturmentalist Fábel delivers a wonderfully smooth blend of deep and dope tunes, including quite some tracks and edits by the Spanish producer himself. Shifting between Trip Hop, Downbeat, Electronica and Instrumental Hip Hop, there’s an extremely mellow and jazzy vibe to this mix.