Hidden Orchestra – Reorchestrations Live Mixtape

Outstanding mixtape by the Hidden Orchestra. Well, it’s actually not a mixtape in the classical sense of this term, but rather a live recording of a performance at Berlin’s Radialsystem V. Joe Acheson improvises live remixes of his Hidden Orchestra material, alongside versions of tracks by Floex, Piano Interrupted, Macmaster/Hay, Long Arm, and Clarinet Factory…

Fábel – SlowCooker Sessions

Multi-insturmentalist Fábel delivers a wonderfully smooth blend of deep and dope tunes, including quite some tracks and edits by the Spanish producer himself. Shifting between Trip Hop, Downbeat, Electronica and Instrumental Hip Hop, there’s an extremely mellow and jazzy vibe to this mix.

The Making of Guts “Hip Hop After All”

I’ve been an avid fan of Guts for quite some years now. While I tend to lose interest in the work of most producers after some time, the French beatmaker is among the few who just keep up a level of quality and innovation that gets me stoked again and again and again. However, when…

Den Sorte Skole – Lektion III

One of the great musical discoveries I made at last weekend’s 3000° Festival: Den Sorte Skole are 2 Danish guys who use 4 turntables plus trigger pads to mix all sorts of rhythms and melodies from 50 years of music history and from more than 50 different countries. The result of this multi-dimensional sound collage…

N.O.W. Is The Time Documentary

It was 19 years ago when Nightmares On Wax dropped Smokers Delight, an album I can listen to again and again and again, a timeless masterpiece of laid-back music that is among my all-time favourites. However, the musical history of George Evelyn aka DJ E.A.S.E goes back even further, and this documentary tells about it. Interesting…

Colonna – Ode To The Moon

Give us this day our daily dopeness: Colonna released the counterpart for his great Ode To The Sun album from 2012, titled Ode To The Moon. It’s actually more of an extension than a counterpart, as this work provides another dose of excellent Dope Beats. Incredibly enough, it’s available for free download.

Gelka – Coloured Thoughts Mixtape

The Gelka guys haven’t lost their touch and deliver another superb mixtape: Coloured Thoughts is a smooth blend of Dope Beats, Bass Music, Trip Hop, Deep House and even more genres, including the music of artists like Phaeleh, Bonobo, Synkro and  DFRNT, as well as some tracks from the Hungarian duo itself.