Wild Wild Country

A fascinating, in-depth documentary that tells the history and explores the complex socio-psychological anatomy of the Rajneesh cult, both from the inside and the outside.

The Bomb

The Bomb is a compelling audio-visual experience that opens a dark perspective on some of humanity’s highest technological achievements. Original soundtrack by The Acid. Available on Netflix.

A Hippie Tree House Village In Hawaii

Taylor Camp, says Hawaii-based photographer John Wehrheim, was not a commune, and there were no rules. Set at the edge of the road along the beach of the ancient island of Kauai, the tiny village was home to restless souls longing to escape from the unrest of their generation… Read the full story and see…

Douglas Rushkoff in DMT: The Spirit Molecule

I first encountered Douglas Rushkoff when watching DMT: The Spirit Molecule some years ago. The thing that struck me about him was the fact that he is one of the few smiling faces in that documentary. Many interviewees have a very serious, grave, or introverted facial expression – an expression of cheerlessness that is reminiscent…

Boom Festival 2014 Pictures

Some random snapshots from my 6th Boom Festival. The setup was mind-blowing as always, and although I spent a great part of my time working with the communication team and the video documentary guys it was an outstanding festival… again.

N.O.W. Is The Time Documentary

It was 19 years ago when Nightmares On Wax dropped Smokers Delight, an album I can listen to again and again and again, a timeless masterpiece of laid-back music that is among my all-time favourites. However, the musical history of George Evelyn aka DJ E.A.S.E goes back even further, and this documentary tells about it. Interesting…

Generation Like

An interesting documentary about a generation that is addicted to fame: Generation Like. Douglas Rushkoff gives insights in how social media became a substantial part of self-satisfaction, how smugness fuels consumerism, how the currency of ‘likes’ turns into actual currency, and how the consumer becomes its own marketer. Generation Like is available on Frontline.  …