The Oddness – Live at Ranch-o-Relaxo

While the Psytrance scene seems to be stuck in an endless loop of the same artists playing the same sound for many years already, other electronic music genres are getting deeper, more ethereal and even psychedelic in very fresh and innovative ways. What happens at the Ranch-o-Relaxo gatherings in Australia is a perfect example for…


Using exclusively graphite pencils and paper, Australian illustrator Susan Sparks creates mandala-like pictures that are simply mind-blowing – both technically and aesthetically.        

Griff – Live At Shambhala Music Festival 2015

Seventy-seven minutes of bass-heavy awesomeness, delivered by Griff, my favourite artist from the thriving Australian Glitch Hop scene. The warm and organic sound that is so typical for the Melbourne based artist has a very human, almost hand-played vibe to it. Also I love how it is deeply psychedelic in the most progressive, most forward-thinking…

Lower Spectrum – Triple J Soundlab Mix

Lower Spectrum is one of the great musical discoveries I made during my time in Australia. Why? Well, listen to this beautiful mix the producer from Melbourne recorded for the radio station Triple J, get into the vibe of the music that influenced him, and finally hear his wonderful track Khlever at the very end.…

Beautifully Disturbing Ads

Australia and New Zealand have a culture of producing educational ads that are very graphic in a very artistic way, in other words: Beautifully disturbing. Wait a minute… that last one was a good definition for modern art, wasn’t it? Mistakes (New Zealand, television)   Set Yourself Free (Australia, viral)   Voice Within (Australia, television)

Coober Pedy And The Australian Desert

The vast sky fades from the darkest to the lightest shades of blue, speckled by some puffy white clouds. The pale green of grass and the lush green of some scattered shrubs contrast with the entire spectrum of orange and red. Yellow and purple rock faces merge into brown slopes. Salt licks glisten in the…

Melbourne – The Cultural Hub of Australia

Obscure backyard bars. Rusty freight containers cut open, furnished with bulky waste, a state-of-the-art coffee maker and a display full of organic cakes. Amazing graffiti, sculptures, and street art everywhere. Victorian architecture and weird stuff. Melbourne is the cultural hub of Australia.