Using exclusively graphite pencils and paper, Australian illustrator Susan Sparks creates mandala-like pictures that are simply mind-blowing – both technically and aesthetically.        

Kinetic Colibri

This is just one of the many amazing works by Derek Hugger: Colibri is a wooden kinetic sculpture that simulates the motion of a hummingbird in flight. Every element of motion has been completely mechanized, from the beating wings to the flaring tail. Intricate systems of linkages and cams bring the sculpture to life with…


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic“, as a quote at the end of this mind-blowing video states quite appropriately. Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping on moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera. Full-screen viewing in HD quality is highly recommended!  

Sugar Cubes

Pretty sweet: Sugar Cubes is a joint venture of the cubist LED freaks at Symmetry Labs and audio-visual artist Alexander Green.

Michael Grab’s Gravity Glue

Unbelievable: So great or extreme as to be difficult to believe. That’s the the most appropriate description for what Michael Grab does with rocks, namely piling them up in the most unreal, gravity-defying manner possible. All pictures © Michael Grab.

Ebru Art

According to Wikipedia, “Ebru is a traditional Islamic and Turkish painting art, and can be defined as painting on water and transferring this painting onto paper”. The results look very beautiful, but watching the actual act of creation is probably even more impressive.

Ellen Jewett Sculptures

The wonderfully wondrous creatures of Canadian artist Ellen Jewett originate from a dimensional cross-section of Realism, surrealism, Fantasy, Steampunk. All pictures © Ellen Jewett.

Herr von Bias – Berlin Lichtenberg Graffitis 2014

I’m not exactly the biggest Berlin fan – however, I have to admit that there is plenty of cool stuff to discover in this city. Like when I walked around in the Lichtenberg district with a good friend one day, and all of a sudden we found ourselves standing in front of an absolutely mind-blowing…

Brandalism 2014

Brandalism returns with the largest advertising takeover in world history. Over 2 days teams of guerilla artists emerged from the shadows to takeover 365 corporate advertising spaces in 10 UK cities. The project saw hand-made artworks from 40 international artists installed in public spaces across the UK.

Sky Art by Thomas Lamadieu aka Roots Art

Photography meets drawing: Thomas Lamadieu aka Roots Art uses a fisheye lens to take pictures of inner courtyards and narrow alleyways. He then fills the blue sky with illustrations. Check out the website of the artist for more awesomeness!      

The Pyro Board

A Danish team of physics and chemistry demonstrators created a device that turns standing sound waves and music into flame patterns: The 2D Rubens’ Tube.

Melbourne – The Cultural Hub of Australia

Obscure backyard bars. Rusty freight containers cut open, furnished with bulky waste, a state-of-the-art coffee maker and a display full of organic cakes. Amazing graffiti, sculptures, and street art everywhere. Victorian architecture and weird stuff. Melbourne is the cultural hub of Australia.