Wanderwelle – MNMT 182

Dutch duo Wanderwelle is responsible for some rather exciting music at the moment, both in the fields of Ambient and Dub Techno. Their recent DJ mix for Monument takes us on a smooth ride through electronic genres and tempi.   

Yagya – Auditory 05

Fact described Yagya as “one of Techno’s best-kept secrets” some years ago. Here the Icelandic producer takes us on a melodic journey from beatless Ambient to Downbeat to Dub Techno and back. 

Phaeleh – The Monday Is Okay Mix

The grand master of so-sweet-and-melodic-it’s-almost-kitsch-but-it’s-not Bass Music presents a beautiful mix of deep Ambient and Downbeat tunes for Ransom Note. „I’ve done chilled and ambient mixes in the past which covered my influences over the years, whereas this mix features a lot more recent material of mine and stuff I’d get on promo that I…

Astroboter – Intenpsyfication Mix

German beatmaker and guitarist Astroboter delivers a magnificent mixtape packed with psychedelic music from various genres: I’ve been gathering songs for this mix since my last mix called “Game Of Tones”. It starts wild, breaks into colorful Psychedelic Rock, gets mixed with ethnic Jazz & Dustbowl Blues and ends into an infinite Ambient meditation.

Submotion Orchestra: Slumber Session

An extremely mellow DJ mix from one of my favourite producers: Ruckspin. Representing the Submotion Orchestra, his 7-person Post-Dubstep / Freestyle Jazz / Ambient ensemble, he delivers a one-hour musical journey through different genres from the laid-back side of things: I tried to fit a variety of moods into this mix; from the simple-but-effective songs…

Phaeleh – DJ Mix For Albion Collective

Albion Collective just published an interview with Phaeleh, plus an exclusive DJ mix by the Bristolian master of ultra-mellow Bass Music. It’s deep, it’s uplifting, it’s highly melodic, it’s full of seismic bass lines, it’s packed with dubs and unreleased tracks… it’s everything that makes Phaeleh a truly outstanding figure.

Akara – The World Beyond

It’s the combination of intense, yet not kitschy harmonies and rhythmic elements from the field of Bass Music that makes me stoked about this release. US-American producer Joshua Penman describes the style of his project Akara as ‘mystical dancefloor symphonies’, his live project is actually an orchestra that includes the elf-like voice of singer Femke…

Evian Christ – RA 404 Not Found Mix

“Slow-motion Trance, Dancehall and more“… These were the words that caught my attention when browsing Resident Advisor a couple of days ago. What Evian Christ delivers as his RA 404 Not Found Mix is a fascinating approach towards seemingly contrary styles, each of which has a lot of stereotypes to deal with. There’s indeed a…