Dolph – Schatzkiste #36

Dolph is one of the great artists I discovered through my work with Acker Records / 3000°. This amazing freestyle mix is a true Schatzkiste, a treasure chest, full of musical gems. The Berlin based artist starts with almost half an hour of pure dopeness before he drops the first 4/4 kickdrum. The musical journey…

Extrawelt – Not A Deejay Podcast 1

Back in the days, when these guys still operated under the names Spirallianz and Midimiliz, I was absolutely stoked about their music. And yes, I played Soopertrack a million times and I still love that tune. However, at some point I lost track of Extrawelt. When I ran a little interview with them after their…

Sebastian Mullaert – WYS Mix 2014

The latest DJ mix by Sebastian Mullaert is utterly unsurprising. Shortly after declaring the split with his Minilogue companion the Swedish producer delivers exactly what I expected him to do: A deeply hallucinogenic melange of hypnotic beats, subliminal harmonies, heady noise cascades and shifting sound structures. I like where this is going.

Brandalism 2014

Brandalism returns with the largest advertising takeover in world history. Over 2 days teams of guerilla artists emerged from the shadows to takeover 365 corporate advertising spaces in 10 UK cities. The project saw hand-made artworks from 40 international artists installed in public spaces across the UK.