Submotion Orchestra: Slumber Session

An extremely mellow DJ mix from one of my favourite producers: Ruckspin. Representing the Submotion Orchestra, his 7-person Post-Dubstep / Freestyle Jazz / Ambient ensemble, he delivers a one-hour musical journey through different genres from the laid-back side of things:

I tried to fit a variety of moods into this mix; from the simple-but-effective songs of Fink & Joanna Newsom, to the late-night electronic fizz of Om Unit & Burial, to the stone cold classic dubby downtempo of Lamb and Rhythm & Sound. Of course also with some appropriate Submotion favourites slotted into the mix.


1. Submotion Orchestra – Rust [Counter]
2. Lamb – Transfatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister Session Mix) [Studio !K7]
3. Submotion Orchestra – Snow [Exceptional]
4. Martine Girault – Revival (Japanese LP Mix) [Opaz]
5. Submotion Orchestra – 2L84U [Counter / Free Download]
6. Joanna Newsom – The Book of Right On [Drag City]
7. Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Ya [Burial Mix]
8. Cern – What We Bring Upon Ourselves [Dispatch]
9. Burial – Unite [Soul Jazz]
10. Ed Thomas – Hurt [Virgin EMI]
11. Submotion Orchestra – Perfection [Exceptional]
12. Om Unit – Healing Rain [Civil Music]
13. Fink – Warm Shadow [Ninja Tune]
14. Submotion Orchestra – Worries [Counter]

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