Son Kite – Prisma

Progressive Trance just got interesting again. Son Kite dropped their first album since 10 years and managed to bring back that feeling of open-minded freshness that got me so stoked when the genre popped up at the end of the 90’s. The incredibly deep, organic and jazzy texture of Prisma is reminiscent of what the Swedish duo delivered under the name Minilogue during the last years, yet it’s different. The rolling groove and the tight clap of Synesthesia reminds me of Knob Adjustment, one of the first Son Kite tracks released in 1999. The guys managed to take up their signature style from the old days and to infuse it with all the psychoacoustic and harmonic goodness they developed over the years. An album to remember – just like Colours, the last milestone Son Kite set 10 years ago. Out on Iboga Records.


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