Roberdo Raval


Born aboard a research vessel some 137 miles off the coast of East Falkland, Roberdo Raval did not learn the piano when he was young. No drumming on pans and pots, either – as a matter of fact he had to use those for cooking from an early age.

For many years it looked like this young fellow with his eyes the colour of the Atlantic ocean on a stormy morning at Rockhopper’s Point and his wondrous multilingual twang would become a splendid Olympic swimmer – or maybe a maker of fine shoes.

As a teenager, however, Roberdo Raval wrote up the concept for an all solar powered festival which won him a double DJ CD player – back then, at the end of the 90s, considered a piece of cutting-edge technology, and back then way too expensive for a youngster. So that was a game changer.

Over the years he checked some mayor items off the bucket list of quite every bug-eyed newcomer DJ, including gigs at Boom Festival, Fusion Festival and at the hind end of the Australian outback. Roberdo Raval shared the stage with many artists he deeply admired – and with many smug posers.

And then one day he ran away to spend substantial amounts of time in, on and around great bodies of salt water. He’s making a living as a journalist and writer.

Go figure.