Roberdo Raval

There’s a popular quote that says life is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you’re gonna get. If you ask me, life is one of those orgiastic breakfast buffets to be found in good hotels, and the art is to try all the goodness that is available. However, I do agree in one crucial point:

Life is sweet!

I once described myself the Hedonistic Freelancer because my philosophy towards life is based on two fundamental convictions. First of all, I confess myself to be a hedonist. This simply means: Having a great time is the highest aim in life and, if there is such a thing, the reason why we’re here. A beautiful idea – but of course I have to bring home the bacon, as well. To do so, I figured out that being free of the constraints of a steady deployment is the best way to achieve my highest aim in life. That’s why I’m a freelance journalist and writer. However, this blog is not about my professional life – it’s just a personal collection of things I’m stoked about.