Roberdo Raval – 06/22

Heady and inebriating in a sort of mellow way, broken beats, heavy basses, sprinkled with bits and pieces of rave nostalgia.

Thanks to these legends:

Trudge – Bangkok Radio [Lobster Theremin]
Biodive – Red Eclipse [Pulling Strings]
Dave Aju – X17 (Rhythm Dub) [Elbow Grease]
Pip Williams – Please Deficiency Syndrome [brokntoys]
Adam Pits – Socket Power [Holding Hands]
Nite Fleit – Psychic And Mental [Steel City Dance Discs]
Jeigo – Fluerella [air miles]
Reedale Rise – Barbary Coast [Ornate Music]
Priori – Loam [self released]
Seb Wildblood – By the Reservoire [All My Thoughts]
boys be kko – Fumikiri [Atomnation]