Pitchblack Playback

It’s strange times we live in – but in terms of music, it’s never been better. The amount and quality of new tunes being released each and every month is simply stunning. However, all this great sound meets an ever shrinking attention span and an ever expanding level of digital distraction. In face of this development it’s great to see listening bars popping up – or projects like this one:

Pitchblack Playback isn’t aimed at audiophiles who will obsess over every last detail of the equipment used. It’s simply for lovers of damn good music who still value the album as an artform and who want to hear their favourite records and exclusive first plays on a big system with no distractions.

The idea: Take a cinema or live venue with a good sound system, optimize a classic or brand new album for it, dim the lights to a legal minimum… and just shut up and listen to the music with others. Just now, there’s a string of events for the superb new Trentemøller album, for instance.