Mesh Mix Series 009: Reid Willis

Max Cooper has been talking a lot about this guy recently. Which speaks for itself – just like the fact that he signed him on his Mesh imprint. First for the 2nd part of the 3D Reworks series, then for Mother Of, the second Reid Willis album which was released yesterday. Max found just the right words for this truly stunning work of electronic music. Not entirely surprising, they also make a perfect summery of what to expect from Reid Willis contribution to the Mesh Mix Series:

I think the music tells that story of defiance and the overwhelming need for self expression through whichever tools we feel connected. This isn’t by-the-numbers music for the masses — it’s a powerful and obsessed over work of art, composed, played, produced and mastered all by Reid alone, delivering that focused human message with intensity. The level of artistry in the mixing and spatial form is spectacular as well. I highly recommend listening with a good stereo field and full frequency response.

Max Cooper