Max Cooper – Out Of Body

Ambient has been the big thing recently, what with all the dance producers putting out mixes and all that. Max Cooper has also been the big thing, not only recently, and especially on this blog. Now this mastermind of synthesized music shares with us a new Ambient mix. And, as it is the case so often with his wonderfully deep, organic and soulful sound, there’s an underlying story. Here’s the master himself:

The mix was originally made for a clinical trial for people undergoing something of a reconstructive therapy. It was designed to repeatedly and slowly transition between relaxed reflection, and stimulation of new thoughts, running for a 2 hrs 30 mins session. You’ll probably hear what I mean in the structure.

It also includes some unreleased music of mine which hasn’t been heard before, alongside many of the most beautiful pieces I could find. I hope you enjoy it.

Max Cooper