Creaksbox is a music player for an interacitve, ever-changing, infinite soundtrack created by Hidden Orchestra and artist / developer Jan Chlup.

The app is different to a normal album in that the album will never sound exactly the same twice. It has no fixed duration. The music can be heard as it is in the game for which it was composed. Heavily randomised and generative, and able to keep playing infinitely. Variations are randomly chosen from a broad mosaic of musical tiles. With many different conditions and probabilities, generating hundreds and thousands of variables. Which creates a ‘living’ soundtrack that feels fresh every time you hear it. The music was designed to be an atmospheric backdrop to assist creative thinking and problem-solving. You can try Creaksbox NOW (free, no download), ahead of the release of the full version of the app alongside the Creaks OST LP/CD on 20.11.20