Extrawelt – Not A Deejay Podcast 1

Back in the days, when these guys still operated under the names Spirallianz and Midimiliz, I was absolutely stoked about their music. And yes, I played Soopertrack a million times and I still love that tune. However, at some point I lost track of Extrawelt. When I ran a little interview with them after their gig at this year’s Boom Festival I realized that they are still an extremely popular crowd-pleaser… and that they are still two pretty likeable dudes. Listening to this new DJ mix I also realized that they haven’t lost their touch. Playing not one of their own tracks, Extrawelt deliver a highly sophisticated melange of deep, hypnotic atmospheres and rhythmic textures, a vivid proof that to-the-floor dance music can still be very inspiring and interesting. Cinematic Techno, as the guys described their style back in the days!

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