Den Sorte Skole – Indians & Cowboys

The Danish sampling maniacs known as Den Sorte Skole dropped their new album today. Reflecting the unique production approach of the duo, Indians & Cowboys is a skilful collage of rhythms and sounds from a multitude of countries, music genres and eras. Some tracks are surprisingly heavy on the beats, others float along with barely any percussive elements, and all of them blend into each other just beautifully. Indians & Cowboys has a very cinematic vibe to it, often it is clearly reminiscent of a film score. The album is available for download on Den Sorte Skole’s website in MP3 and AIFF format. The file also includes a pretty cool booklet that is the visual counterpart for their wild sampling escapades and that lists all the original tracks that are part of this work.  All the guys ask for in return is a little donation.

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