Solving A Steampunk Puzzle Box

A video of a dude solving an incredibly intricate and cleverly crafted steampunk-themed puzzle box. Quite a riveting thing to watch that will leave you wondering: Who comes up this kind of stuff? Unsurprisingly this gentleman is solving puzzles on a frequent basis, and this not even the most sophisticated one…

Beautifully Disturbing Ads

Australia and New Zealand have a culture of producing educational ads that are very graphic in a very artistic way, in other words: Beautifully disturbing. Wait a minute… that last one was a good definition for modern art, wasn’t it? Mistakes (New Zealand, television)   Set Yourself Free (Australia, viral)   Voice Within (Australia, television)

Like Dropping Acid, But Not

I already posted this some years ago, on my old blog. It’s just too amazing to get lost… like dropping acid, but not. This is how it works: Start the Neave Strobe and focus the center of the animation for 30 seconds. Then look around.