Oldtwig – Seaside (Part 1)

Dope beats for sophisticated music lovers: Two years after the release of his outstanding Through Hills album, Oldtwig is back and presents the exquisite first part of his Seaside series. The rich, emotional sounds of a piano and a trombone lead the listeners through deep, slightly melancholic senarios with a very cinematic vibe. Great to…

Dolph – Deep Afterhour No. 218

Dolph mixes his way through an impressive bandwidth of genres, from Downbeat Electronica to Trip Hop to Nu LatAm grooves to mellow Deep House, and back to some Dope Beats and singer / songwriter tunes. Strictly quality stuff with a dreamy, melodic vibe. Full credit.  

Pablie – B-Sides

Dreamy flute sounds, the organic warmth of a Fender Rhodes, laid-back yet inspiring beats: Pablie from beautiful Barcelona delivers a collection of tracks that ranks fairly high on the dopeness scale. Pablie – B Sides by Atomnation

Den Sorte Skole – Indians & Cowboys

The Danish sampling maniacs known as Den Sorte Skole dropped their new album today. Reflecting the unique production approach of the duo, Indians & Cowboys is a skilful collage of rhythms and sounds from a multitude of countries, music genres and eras. Some tracks are surprisingly heavy on the beats, others float along with barely…

Hidden Orchestra – Reorchestrations Live Mixtape

Outstanding mixtape by the Hidden Orchestra. Well, it’s actually not a mixtape in the classical sense of this term, but rather a live recording of a performance at Berlin’s Radialsystem V. Joe Acheson improvises live remixes of his Hidden Orchestra material, alongside versions of tracks by Floex, Piano Interrupted, Macmaster/Hay, Long Arm, and Clarinet Factory…

DJ Cam – Inverted Audio Mix 183

French Hip Hop / Jazz veteran DJ Cam delivers an oldschool Trip Hop mix full of classics like DJ Shadow, DJ Krush or Massive Attack. Truly timeless, and dope as it can be. Speaking of Trip Hop classics: FACT just published a list of what they consider to be ‘The 50 Best Trip Hop Albums…

Beach Diggin’ Vol. 3

Guts news everyone: The third part of the Beach Diggin’ compilation series is about to be released on Heavenly Sweetness. Once again Guts & Mambo did a fantastic job in compiling what I would describe as the ultimate soundtrack for a tropical / subtropical lifestyle that is centred around large bodies of salt water. I…

Kabanjak – Out Of The Dark

Out Of The Dark: After it has been somewhat quiet around Kabanjak during recent years, the producer is back on track and delivers a new album. Heavyweight beats and bass lines make the 8 tracks as dope as it can be, live drums add a very vivid and dynamic vibe. However, what makes the music…

Trashbat – Fokus X Prolific Mix 2015

Deep, dope, and dubby: That’s how I like Bass Music, and that’s what Trashbat delivers with this DJ Mix. It’s a jazzy blend of classic Dubstep grooves and modern sound structures, playfully involving elements from different genres such as Instrumental Hip Hop or Grime.

Astroboter – Intenpsyfication Mix

German beatmaker and guitarist Astroboter delivers a magnificent mixtape packed with psychedelic music from various genres: I’ve been gathering songs for this mix since my last mix called “Game Of Tones”. It starts wild, breaks into colorful Psychedelic Rock, gets mixed with ethnic Jazz & Dustbowl Blues and ends into an infinite Ambient meditation.