Wikkelhouse: Not not latest trend in dance music, but a modular cardboard house designed to last 100 years according to the guys from Amsterdam’s Fiction Factory.

The Wintergatan Marble Machine

“After 14 months of building this thing, it finally makes music”. Swedish musician Martin Molin built a giant yet intricate music box that runs on 2000 steel marbles. If you’re keen for the construction details, check out his YouTube channel where he documented the building process.    

The Pyro Board

A Danish team of physics and chemistry demonstrators created a device that turns standing sound waves and music into flame patterns: The 2D Rubens’ Tube.

Industry Standards: Funktion One

Hypes suck. However, there are some exceptions. The hype about Funktion One is one of them – it’s a really great thing to see and hear how those rigs became an industry standard. Resident Advisor has recently published a very well-written article about the iconic sound system, including a lot of interesting background info and…