Headhunter Interview

If the words Bristol and Dubstep make your eyes all shiny, then the name Headhunter will most probably have just the same effect. These days better known under his Addison Groove moniker the English producer is the epitome of deep, heady Dubstep from the golden age of the genre. In this radio show on swu.fm…


Bristolian legends Pinch and Addison Groove teamed up to create their own blend of mezcal, aged in Islay malt whisky casks for an extra smoky finish. Sounds like it’s worth having a shot.

Photographic Memory

Photographic memory? Some people claim the trick is all about memorizing the edges of the Rubik’s Cube and then using some mathematical algorithms. Either way – It’s pretty damn impressive.

Busker Oded Kafri

I saw Oded Kafri performing in the streets of Hamburg last weekend, he’s a busker with pretty mad drumming and performance skills.

George Carlin – Stuff

“That’s the whole meaning of life, isn’t it? Trying to find a place for your stuff!” George Carlin puts in a nutshell the mindset of the Western World. Hilarious, yet so true.