The Bomb

The Bomb is a compelling audio-visual experience that opens a dark perspective on some of humanity’s highest technological achievements. Original soundtrack by The Acid. Available on Netflix.


In this short film Steve Cutts portrayals the everyday life of the great majority of people out there: Happiness in the spiraling age of consumerism.

Want to fight climate change?

Low-impact actions, such as recycling, were still worth doing: “All of those are good things to do. But they are more of a beginning than an end. They are certainly not sufficient to tackle the scale of the climate challenge that we face.” Reflections on the much avoided subject of overpopulation.

Debunking Detox, Diets and Wellness

A different view on what is widely considered  a healthy diet these days: The Guardian ran an interesting-to-read interview with Anthony Warner, the man behind the blog Angry Chef, who’s “on a mission to confront the ‘alternative facts’ surrounding nutritional fads and myths”. Read the full interview here.

Yvon Chouinard Hits The Mark 17 Times

The untiring outdoor enthusiast Yvon Chouinard hits the mark 17 times in this inspiring quote collection: 1. “Taking a trip for six months, you get in the rhythm of it. It feels like you can go on forever doing that. Climbing Everest is the ultimate and the opposite of that. Because you get these high-powered…

Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.

Well-written article in the New York Times, already more than a year old but still up-to-date as it can be: […] Studies of conversation both in the laboratory and in natural settings show that when two people are talking, the mere presence of a phone on a table between them or in the periphery of…

Everything Is A Remix Remastered

This interesting film explains how creation always requires inspiration, how evolution is a result of copying, transforming and combining, and how most of us have no problem with copying – as long as we’re the ones doing it. Actually it’s a remix itself.

The Demographics of Black Rock City

“This has never been, imagined by us, as a utopian society” – Burning Man founder Larry Harvey about a festival that is 90% white, and that has twice as many people who earn $300,000 a year as it has black people. Read the full article in The Guardian.

Douglas Rushkoff – Present Shock

We don’t always have to do things for things – that’s how you end up in that futurist, movement based, heroic journey, ends justify the means reality. […] Making changes in our life for their own sake is not only more fun but a more probable path to humanity reclaiming balance. Once again, Douglas Rushkoff…

Douglas Rushkoff in DMT: The Spirit Molecule

I first encountered Douglas Rushkoff when watching DMT: The Spirit Molecule some years ago. The thing that struck me about him was the fact that he is one of the few smiling faces in that documentary. Many interviewees have a very serious, grave, or introverted facial expression – an expression of cheerlessness that is reminiscent…

George Carlin – Stuff

“That’s the whole meaning of life, isn’t it? Trying to find a place for your stuff!” George Carlin puts in a nutshell the mindset of the Western World. Hilarious, yet so true.

Douglas Rushkoff About the Retaking of Now

In this 45-minute TV show Douglas Rushkoff reflects on a world where everybody is in an always-on state, about how modern communication technology does not aim at connecting people, but at keeping the marketplace alive, about eyeball hours and the colonization of human attention, and how a zombie apocalypse might even become a more desirable…