Calibre – RA.765

Invent yourself and then reinvent yourself“. As beautiful and inspiring as this line from good, old Charles Bukowski might be, only very few musicians manage to successfully do so. The great majority of bands and producers invent themselves, with varying degrees of originality, but then fail to reinvent themselves, instead swimming in the same slough of tried and tested formulas, audience expectations and nostalgia.

Dominick Martin aka Calibre is clearly not a part of this great majority. The originally Northern Irish, now Berlin based producer is both prolific and inventive. Probably best known for his Drum and Bass releases, putting that genre label on him just doesn’t feel quite right in face of his remarkable variety of styles and tempi. Even the otherwise wonderfully vague description Bass music seems almost too narrow for Calibre. This mix, recorded as a run-up to his forthcoming 140 BPM album Feeling Normal, is a perfect example. There’s a tracklist and an interview on RA.