Adam Freeland – Solid Steel Mix 2018

Adam Freeland – a man who needs no further introduction to readers of this blog. He just dropped a brand new DJ mix for Solid Steel Radio and, no big surprise here, it’s pretty damn eclectic, diverse and catchy. Also he told some words about his life in the desert and his most recent creative ventures:

“This mix is really just an acknowledgement of my lifelong love of arpeggiators and excitement for this new wave of arpeggiated synth stuff combined with some deeper drones and desert psych influences. I’m living totally off grid way out in the Mohave desert near Joshua tree, where this mix was recorded. My studio is solar powered ( no other option out here), there’s an exhilarating feeling to know that the photons running through the circuit boards of my machines emanated from the surface the Sun just 8 mins and 20 seconds prior. Of late, I’ve been more focused on my band ‘The Acid’ and pursuing my lifelong dream of living off grid and figuring out how to build a house than DJing. Incase you missed it we ( The Acid) put out a debut album called ‘Liminal’ and more recently we scored a documentary film ‘the bomb’ a documentary about the story of nuclear weapons. We have been touring film festivals, performing the score in a 360 immersive environment live to the film. In December we performed it live at the Nobel peace prize ceremonies in Oslo which was in incredibly inspiring and moving experience for me. You can check the score/soundtrack here or Watch the film on Netflix here or come see us play live, next UK gig Camden Roundhouse Jan 2019(tbc)”


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