Pablie – B-Sides

Dreamy flute sounds, the organic warmth of a Fender Rhodes, laid-back yet inspiring beats: Pablie from beautiful Barcelona delivers a collection of tracks that ranks fairly high on the dopeness scale. Pablie – B Sides by Atomnation

Fall In Germany

As days are getting shorter and shorter and temperatures drop below a comfortable level, nature in Germany turns into an explosion of colours.  

Den Sorte Skole – Indians & Cowboys

The Danish sampling maniacs known as Den Sorte Skole dropped their new album today. Reflecting the unique production approach of the duo, Indians & Cowboys is a skilful collage of rhythms and sounds from a multitude of countries, music genres and eras. Some tracks are surprisingly heavy on the beats, others float along with barely…

Ink Mapping

Whether you’re a fan of  tattoos or not – this is pretty impressive: Video mapping on tattoos. Oskar and Gaspar, the two artists behind the Ink Mapping project, have also been involved in the mind-blowing projections at Boom Festival’s Dance Temple in 2012 and 2014.  

Pinch – XLR8R Podcast 409

Pinch’s new DJ mix for XLR8R is nothing for the faint-hearted. The head honcho of Tectonic and Cold Recordings delivers a fairly abstract collage of rhythm and sound that has a raw, delirious, industrial vibe to it, and that seems to be made for a big sound system. U.K. Bass driven sound at it’s best!

El Búho – Metrón Musik Mixtape 005

A steady flow of laid-back 4-4 beats leads through the main part of this new mix by El Búho, lending it a feeling of mellow dancability. There’s a lot of Latin American sounds in here, but there’s also a fair bit of World Music from other parts of this planet.

Alex Banks – Groove Podcast 47

Fat square basses, tripped out delays, enigmatic build-ups, rich beat textures, dreamy melodies: Alex Banks delivers the goods. As he remarks quite appropriately in his interview with Groove magazine, this meticulously crafted studio mix is rather “[…] a sonic collage than a DJ mix and includes a lot of detail that would get lost in…

ViewOne Murals

  Some pretty mind-blowing murals by Swiss graffiti / character artist ViewOne and his mates.                                                

Kinetic Colibri

This is just one of the many amazing works by Derek Hugger: Colibri is a wooden kinetic sculpture that simulates the motion of a hummingbird in flight. Every element of motion has been completely mechanized, from the beating wings to the flaring tail. Intricate systems of linkages and cams bring the sculpture to life with…