Hidden Orchestra – Reorchestrations Live Mixtape

Outstanding mixtape by the Hidden Orchestra. Well, it’s actually not a mixtape in the classical sense of this term, but rather a live recording of a performance at Berlin’s Radialsystem V. Joe Acheson improvises live remixes of his Hidden Orchestra material, alongside versions of tracks by Floex, Piano Interrupted, Macmaster/Hay, Long Arm, and Clarinet Factory…

Everything Is A Remix Remastered

This interesting film explains how creation always requires inspiration, how evolution is a result of copying, transforming and combining, and how most of us have no problem with copying – as long as we’re the ones doing it. Actually it’s a remix itself.

Guts – Diggin’ In Cuba Mixtape

Guts news everyone: Only one month after Mr. Pura Vida dropped his wonderful Diggin In Colombia mixtape, he’s back with yet another chapter of his Pura Mixtape series. Again it’s a Latin American Special, again it’s been inspired by the recent travels of the French master of Dope Beats. Diggin’ In Cuba is a 2-hour…

The Demographics of Black Rock City

“This has never been, imagined by us, as a utopian society” – Burning Man founder Larry Harvey about a festival that is 90% white, and that has twice as many people who earn $300,000 a year as it has black people. Read the full article in The Guardian.