DJ Cam – Inverted Audio Mix 183

French Hip Hop / Jazz veteran DJ Cam delivers an oldschool Trip Hop mix full of classics like DJ Shadow, DJ Krush or Massive Attack. Truly timeless, and dope as it can be. Speaking of Trip Hop classics: FACT just published a list of what they consider to be ‘The 50 Best Trip Hop Albums…

The Magic World Of Mushrooms

The otherworldly colours and shapes of mushrooms are an extremely powerful reminder of how mind-blowing the nature of planet Earth is. Mycena Chlorophos     Rhodotus Palmatus Hydnellum Peckii     Porcelain Fungus Clathrus Archeri     Clathrus Ruber Cyathus Striatus     Marasmius Haematocephalus Coprinus Comatus     Panus Fasciatus Geastrum Minimum    …

Romanesco, Brain Cactus & Co.

The symmetrical awesomeness of nature, captured in a collection of 8 plant pictures.   Crassula Buddha’s Temple     Alstroemeria Pelegrina     Brain Cactus     Aloe Polyphylla     Drosophyllum Lusitanicum     Dahlia     Romanesco     Red Cabbage    

Extrawelt – Clash Music Podcast 2015

It’s getting increasingly hard to get me excited about four-to-the-floor Electronic Dance Music. However, the Extrawelt guys never fail to do so. Arne, one half of the German duo formerly known as Spirallianz and Midimiliz, delivers a deeply hallucinogenic DJ mix that takes some pleasantly unexpected turns.