Graffiti legend OZ died doing what he loved

Yesterday the German graffiti legend OZ died at the age of 64. Apparently the artist, who supposedly sprayed his tag more than 120.000 times only in Hamburg, got hit by a metro train while doing what loved most. What a wonderful exit.

Cenote Angelita – Mexico’s Underwater River

A spectacular example of nature’s awesomeness: Cenote Angelita is a 59 meter deep waterhole located on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula. At a depth of around 30 meters there’s a cloudy layer of hydrogen sulfide that separates the freshwater on the upper part from the salty ocean water on the lower part. The surreal effect is that…

Phaeleh – A World Without

Ultra mellow, ultra harmonious, ultra phat: Phaeleh keeps up his signature style and presents the title track of his forthcoming A World Without EP, to be released on Red Eye Records. Classic 2-Step and Dubstep rhythms meet melodic arrangements as sweet as sugar, sometimes touching but never crossing the border to the realm of kitsch.

Busker Oded Kafri

I saw Oded Kafri performing in the streets of Hamburg last weekend, he’s a busker with pretty mad drumming and performance skills.

Douglas Rushkoff – Present Shock

We don’t always have to do things for things – that’s how you end up in that futurist, movement based, heroic journey, ends justify the means reality. […] Making changes in our life for their own sake is not only more fun but a more probable path to humanity reclaiming balance. Once again, Douglas Rushkoff…

Fabel – The SlowCooker Sessions Vol. 2

Fábel delivers his second SlowCooker Session and again it ticks all the boxes for a really good DJ mix. Compared to the first part this one is somewhat heavier on the beats, the vibe feels more stimulating, towards the end the groove could clearly be described as danceable. However, just like SlowCooker Session Vol.1 it…

Progress Inn – Feelin Frisky Mix

It sounds like a smooth blend of Progressive House and Dub Techno. In other words, it sounds like Progressive Trance from the Golden Age of that genre, multiplied with the production quality of today. It sounds like the kind of music I want to hear on a warm and sunny open air dance floor. Progress…