Late Summer Day In The Black Forest

A late summer day in the Black Forest, South Germany. Surrounded by the peaceful beauty of the landscape it’s amazing to see that the shapes and colours of mushrooms are just as surreal as corals, and that a walk through the woods can be just as amazing as a dive in the ocean.

Extrawelt – Not A Deejay Podcast 1

Back in the days, when these guys still operated under the names Spirallianz and Midimiliz, I was absolutely stoked about their music. And yes, I played Soopertrack a million times and I still love that tune. However, at some point I lost track of Extrawelt. When I ran a little interview with them after their…

Douglas Rushkoff in DMT: The Spirit Molecule

I first encountered Douglas Rushkoff when watching DMT: The Spirit Molecule some years ago. The thing that struck me about him was the fact that he is one of the few smiling faces in that documentary. Many interviewees have a very serious, grave, or introverted facial expression – an expression of cheerlessness that is reminiscent…

Fábel – SlowCooker Sessions

Multi-insturmentalist Fábel delivers a wonderfully smooth blend of deep and dope tunes, including quite some tracks and edits by the Spanish producer himself. Shifting between Trip Hop, Downbeat, Electronica and Instrumental Hip Hop, there’s an extremely mellow and jazzy vibe to this mix.

The Making of Guts “Hip Hop After All”

I’ve been an avid fan of Guts for quite some years now. While I tend to lose interest in the work of most producers after some time, the French beatmaker is among the few who just keep up a level of quality and innovation that gets me stoked again and again and again. However, when…


Whirling tornadoes of colors, blast-frozen dynamics, captured with surreal precision: Meet MADE514, graffiti and illustration artist from Padua, Italy.

Den Sorte Skole – Lektion III

One of the great musical discoveries I made at last weekend’s 3000° Festival: Den Sorte Skole are 2 Danish guys who use 4 turntables plus trigger pads to mix all sorts of rhythms and melodies from 50 years of music history and from more than 50 different countries. The result of this multi-dimensional sound collage…

Boom Festival 2014 Pictures

Some random snapshots from my 6th Boom Festival. The setup was mind-blowing as always, and although I spent a great part of my time working with the communication team and the video documentary guys it was an outstanding festival… again.

Herr von Bias – Berlin Lichtenberg Graffitis 2014

I’m not exactly the biggest Berlin fan – however, I have to admit that there is plenty of cool stuff to discover in this city. Like when I walked around in the Lichtenberg district with a good friend one day, and all of a sudden we found ourselves standing in front of an absolutely mind-blowing…