PEZ is an incredibly gifted Illustrator, painter and graphic designer from Nantes, France. As an avid cartoon fan I love his interpretations of the Simpsons, but it only scratches the surface of his amazing skills and versatility.

Evian Christ – RA 404 Not Found Mix

“Slow-motion Trance, Dancehall and more“… These were the words that caught my attention when browsing Resident Advisor a couple of days ago. What Evian Christ delivers as his RA 404 Not Found Mix is a fascinating approach towards seemingly contrary styles, each of which has a lot of stereotypes to deal with. There’s indeed a…

Generation Like

An interesting documentary about a generation that is addicted to fame: Generation Like. Douglas Rushkoff gives insights in how social media became a substantial part of self-satisfaction, how smugness fuels consumerism, how the currency of ‘likes’ turns into actual currency, and how the consumer becomes its own marketer. Generation Like is available on Frontline.  …

Adam Freeland – Mix For Pulse Radio

Adam Freeland is among the few DJs who never fail to get me excited with their music selection. This latest mix for Pulse Radio is no exception: Subtitled ‘A mode of dust suspended in a sunbeam’, it is a wonderfully deep, heady and acidic journey full of tunes that just won’t really fit into a…

Kuala Lumpur

Where the jungle meets the concrete. Where the Orient meets the Occident. Where urban buzz meets nature’s peace. Photographic impressions from Kuala Lumpur, a fascinating melting pot of cultures, colors and vibes.


Eating spicy food with the bare right hand only, getting barrelled in tropical tides… gotta love Indonesia!


Land of olive trees, land of spotless blue skies, land of siestas, land of dried pig legs: Andalusia in the South of Spain will always have a special place in my heart.

Urban Grace

With its mix of mountains and sea, of history and modern culture, and last but not least with those organic structures designed by the arguably greatest architect of the 20th century, Barcelona is a precious gem of a European metropolis.

The Ghost Town

Usually a town has an airport, but in this case an abandoned military airport had a town attached to it. It used to be the home of the Soviets who flew, maintained, and build the jet fighters and helicopters – always waiting for a great strike against the West.